On the way to your individual art.

You property...

As a perfect retreat for you and your family...

As an inspiration for business meetings...

As an individual finca in the countryside...

As a luxury home with personally tailored art works...

We would like to really understand what you like, what you are looking for, what you need.

Your time is precious.

We invite you to an exclusive meeting in our gallery.

Here can discuss in a calm atmosphere all details about your art and decoration ideas, and how we can assist you.

In a second step we work out concrete individually-tailored proposals for you. Allow us to save you the hassle of an unnecessary marathon through the vast array of art galleries and stores.

If you decide to go ahead with our service, we shall arrange the complete handling for you: from individual inquiries, and tailored orders to the correct transport and delivery to your place.

Our artists have that special something.

We cooperate with painters and sculptors who convince us both as artists and persons.

Each work that you can buy through us carries with it this authenticity which emphasizes our work philosophy.

On request, the art works can be signed by the artist personally for you.

Discretion is a matter of honour for us.

We dispose on a selected portfolio, and we have the capacity and infrastructure to discover and incorporate further artists.

Our guideline here is that we wish to open the door to an art which is not attached to commercial criteria but quality and genuineness.

Openness for great dreams.

Julia Fischer-Bernard (owner of Senseless-Gallery):
Twenty years ago the island became my home.

Through my Majorcan family I feel at home here and as immigrant from Belgium I feel much linked to the different world citizens.

The network of contacts and the experience of the day-to-day challenges give me this kind of serenity and security to perform my tasks.

Majorca is for me one of the most beautiful places of the world:
the light, the diversity and the feeling of safety.

Here long cherished dreams become true.